Grant of M.Phil/PH.D/LL.M. Allowance to the Civil Servants of Punjab

No.FD.SR.I/9-21/2016 Dated: 22-August-2019

Govt. of Punjab Finance Department has issued instructions regarding M.Phil/DSc/LL.M and P.hD Qualification Allowance Notification vide No.FD.SR.I/9-21/2016 Dated: 22-August-2019. Detail is as under.
I am directed to refer to the subject and state that hitherto Ph.D/D.Sc./M.Phil/LL.M Degree Allowance was allowed to Government servants where they were in possession of the same over and above the eligibility criteria of the post and It was not allowed where Ph.D/D.Sc./M.Phil/LL.M Degree was part of the eligibility criteria of a post. Now, in suppression of all previous notifications, issued from time to time (to the extent of eligibility criteria), Governor of the Punjab is pleased to decide that the Ph.D /M.Phil/ LL.M Allowance will be admissible, w.e.f. 01.08.2019, under the following terms and conditions:
· i. Ph.D /M.Phil/ LL.M Degree Allowance is allowed to all Government servants, across the board, working under the administrative control of the Punjab Government without linking the same with recruitment rules and jobs assigned to the posts.

ii. It will be admissible to the employees of those Statutory Bodies I Semi Autonomous Organizations / Corporations which have adopted the scheme of Basic Pay Scales of the Punjab Government in-toto.

iii. Ph.D Degree holders will be entitled to draw Rs. 10,000/- per month as Ph.D Degree Allowance and M.Phil I LL.M Degree holders will be entitled to draw @ Rs.5,000- per month as M.Phil/LL.M Allowance.

iv. Ph.D /M.Phil/ LL.M Degree Allowance will be admissible from the date.of notification of the final result issued by the university concerned for those already m service and ​with effect from the date of joining service for new entrants already in possession of the degree.

v. Those who are I had been in receipt of M.Phil / LL.M Allowance and had I have subsequently acquired Ph.D Degree would be entitled to the allowance on the basis of their last degree, i.e. Ph.D only, and the allowance having been/ being drawn on the basis of previous degree i.e. M.Phil I LL.M shall be discontinued with effect from the same date. ·

v.  Ph.D /M.Phil/ LL.M Degree Allowance will be allowed only if the degree has been I is acquired from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized university.

vii. In case of claim of equivalence of a degree, Ph.DIM.Phil I LL.M Degree Allowance will be allowed only if the Equivalence Certificate has been I is issued by the Higher Education Commission upon the request of the concerned administrative department.

All Administrative Secretaries I Concerned are requested to ensure implementation , above mentioned instructions in letter and spirit.

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